A home from home at the end of life

Conditions of stay

The house is open to anyone in the final stages of life (a few days to a few months) who could normally be cared for at home if the necessary support were available. A decision to enter is taken jointly between the patient/family, the family doctor or responsible specialist, the home care organization and the management team.

People can also stay with us for a trial period of one or several weeks at any moment after a diagnosis of terminal illness.  In this way they can experience what we can offer. Then, if it becomes too difficult to stay at home, they are able to choose La Maison de Tara, if they wish, in complete confidence that it meets their needs.  These trial stays also provide an opportunity for patient and family to reflect on their situation. It can also be a time, in a supportive environment, to make a ‘living will’ (directions on how they wish to be cared for and accompanied at the end of life) and other related decisions.    

Residents who come to LMdT keep their own doctors and home care support, just as they would at home.   If the workload for the patient’s doctor is too heavy at this stage of illness (e.g. possibility of being on 24 hour call), or the patient does not have a doctor, a practitioner in palliative care from the GGPSP (Groupement genevois des praticiens en soins palliatifs) can be proposed to lighten the workload, or to take complete medical charge of the patient.  A member of the Tara management committee is also always on call if additional help is needed.

We also accept patients living in nearby France if they have medical insurance that is valid in Switzerland.   

Since La Maison de Tara is an open structure we are unable to accept patients who have major psychiatric problems which are beyond the competence of the Tara team. 
Assisted suicide (Exit) is not possible in the house.  However, if a resident wishes to call on Exit, we will assist them to return to their home residence.  If the person would like us to do so, our volunteers will continue to accompany them at their home, within the limits of our possibilities, until the arrival of the Exit personnel.

Recognising the important role of a loved family pet in many people’s lives, we do our best to accommodate residents’ pets provided that they are house trained, wormed and socialised.

Visitors are permitted at any time of day or night and may stay overnight in a resident’s room.

About us

La Maison de Tara was founded in Geneva in 2007 as a public utility charity in the lineage of the Hospice Movement. Its goal is to provide patients and their family, with care and support during the last days of life.

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